KEY TAKEAWAY:  It’s ironic that with apps and online health the one thing that’s missing is what patients really want; to be treated as individuals.  Time and time again, I keep hearing in research that the best HCP’s are the ones that take time to listen and to really understand a patient’s needs.

Unknown-1KEY TAKEAWAY: An alarming 81% of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience, and the happiest consumers are those who interact with the system the least.  There is a gap in perception between providers and consumers on the quality of experience currently being provided. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]Providers underestimate the degree to which the patient experience fails to meet consumer expectations.[/inlinetweet] This skewed perspective is creating a lack of urgency among providers to fix the problem. While providers are aware of patient dissatisfaction, they have many competing initiatives, making it difficult to prioritize.