Earning the trust of patients

  • Edelman’s annual trust barometer research recorded an increase of 6 points in the U.S. that helped pharma reach a new rating score of 44.
  • The industry would need to reach 50 to get to neutral territory and to 60 to be considered trusted under the Edelman ratings.
  • Overall, trust in healthcare—which includes pharma, biotech and life sciences, hospitals and clinics, insurance and consumer health—increased by 8 points in the U.S. to reach 61.
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Can pharma companies regain the trust of a skeptical public ?

An article in the LA Times suggested that patients should not necessarily trust newly approved drugs because the data in the clinical trials might tell the whole story.  While the move by GSK to open the books on clinical trials is a good one transparency has to be an accepted way of doing business for biopharma. Continue reading