The intersection of profit and patient care in the healthcare industry has become contentious in recent years. For healthcare workers, balancing running a financially viable institution and providing affordable care is a daily challenge. Let’s delve into whether the pursuit of profit in healthcare has overshadowed our primary mission: helping patients afford the treatments they need.

Healthcare often dominates headline discussions and revolves around access, quality, and affordability. However, one critical aspect that tends to be overlooked is the role of profit in healthcare and its impact on patients. While profitability is essential for the sustainability of healthcare institutions, too much emphasis on the bottom line can have severe consequences for patients.

QUICK READ: There is so much money in healthcare that every company wants their share even if patients get hurt. The amount of money Pfizer is going to make from their vaccine borders on obscene while PBMs quietly take a cut of every Rx transaction without really adding any value. It’s going to continue until we put politics aside and say “enough.”