Your IT group is not “eMarketing”

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY:  Digital marketing is a crucial piece of your overall marketing and should not be left to IT to develop “best in class” patient centered interactive marketing.

Healthcare digital marketing is too damn important to have an internal IT group develop.  Don’t get me wrong, IT is needed for integration of your digital marketing, but to really develop and execute digital marketing that drives brand objectives you need a person with a marketing background who understand how your audience uses the Web to make healthcare treatment decisions.


What makes a great eMarketing person?

1ne: Someone who has a marketing background and understand the drivers to choosing your brand/product.

2wo: Has a good background in Internet/eMarketing and can help prioritize the best tactics to allocate your budget for maximum ROI/patient benefits.

3hree: Sits with the brand team and is privy to all the current market research.

4our: Has the agency management experience to ensure they stay on strategy, budget and timeline.

5ive: Can use analytics “to tell a story” and help the organization understand the importance of digital.

6ix: Effectively communicates the who, what and why of digital to key corporate influencers.

7even: Does not use a “cookie cutter” approach to developing a website.

8ight: Understand and integrate well with your IT group.

IT people are good at developing the technical specifications of your website but for a truly good website you need a good eMarketing person.

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