Why I wrote anonomously

istock_000005290011xsmallLast week I sent an article I wrote to Richard with the understanding that he could post it, but without using my name or company.  To those of you who have a “pet peeve” about anonymous posts, perhaps you are too far removed from our industry.  

I work for a top 10 pharma company and have been in pharma marketing for a long time.  While we are at work sites like Rich’s are blocked along with ant Blogger sites and Cafe Pharma.  The only way I get to read the articles is via my private email account which I do not access at the office.  Over the last two to three years I have become more disillusioned with the state of both our digital marketing and the digital marketing within the industry.  I have spent countless hours in meetings trying to convince people of the importance of a better digital platform, but to date my hands are still tied by both my legal and regulatory teams.


In the past, I have attended a lot of pharma conferences hoping to pick up a nugget here and there, but at the end of the day I founf=d they just weren’t worth the time or effort.  My team, six digital marketers, is not going to attend any conference  because I don’t have the budget and I can’t ask for a bigger travel budget without a better return.

As for all the vendors attending the conference, I am sure there are some good ones out there, but I’m just tired of the same pitches over and over again. I can interchange agency A with agency C and still get the same results.  To date I have found that the costs have increased in digital marketing, but that the capabilities of pharma digital agencies have not.  I realize that a lot has to change on my side, but you guys are doing very little to help me, and the industry, change.

I can’t post my name or company because our archaic guidelines prohibit us from speaking to anyone outside the organization without going through both legal and PR who scrub everything clean.  There is a reason that most blog comments and readership is with agencies insteaf=d of people within pharma and that reason is that our industry hasn’t kept up with changing times and is often afraid to hear the truth.