Winning small battles can lead to huge gains

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY:  Too often we tend to look at big picture wins rather than small battle gains.  This can be a huge mistake as we continue to try and raise awareness within our organizations of the importance of consumers of healthcare.

Last week in Cambridge I got a commitment from two small biotech companies to sponsor a website for cancer patients that will be an unbranded website chock full of resources for cancer patients and caregivers.  It was easy working with these small biotech companies and I didn’t need to go through an extensive PowerPoint deck that I had prepared.  They understood the need and they want to be part of this exciting project.


The website’s key message is going to be “we are in this together” and will encompass an online community, ask the Oncologist, along with a lot of other resources for cancer patients and caregivers.  It will be deep linked and patients will have the opportunity to opt in to receive updates on specific cancer treatments and new drug approvals.  In a preliminary test with our target audience the results were over the top as most said “I would use a site like this regularly”.

We hope to recruit more Biopharma companies for the site, but we understand that this site is about and for patients not to “sell more product”. Our first step is going to be doing some qualitative research to uncover key opportunities to engage this audience.  We will then follow a great process to develop a best in class website.


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I am so excited to lead this initiative that I would have done it for free because it’s just too damn important for our audience.