Why is Genentech’s MS therapy CRM offline?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Enroll in the Genentech patient assistance (co-pay) for Ocrevus and you’re going to receive, via Fed-X, a booklet welcoming you to therapy. While I’m sure there is a marketing manager at Genentech that’s proud of this effort this CRM program could have been done online to provide better resources.

I have done a lot of research with MS patients and have a good understanding of what they want and need from therapy providers.  A booklet, via Fed-X, would not have been my first, second or third choice when you can provide a better brand experience online.

The booklet does provide some great information such as what to expect from therapy and a list of patient resources, but the cost of printing each booklet along with the cot to Fed-X could have been used to provide a lot better experience online.

First, Genentech has an opportunity to really bring the MS community together, which uses social media to talk about living with MS. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]A community forum where others can share their experiences of living with MS would have been a great start[/inlinetweet], but I would have taken it one step further and recruited a couple of patients to write about their experiences with this new therapy.

Ocrevus does a good job of helping patients pay for their therapy, including the co-pay.  Since this patient received this brochure when she applied for the co-pay, however, this may have been a little bit redundant.

Patients do want resources and it’s great that Genentech included some resources in their booklet, but again, let’s think about what patients really want and need.  A monthly magazine on living with MS, without actually using MS in the title, would have been a great idea.  We actually tested this idea with MS patients and they thought it would make for good reading offline.

This CRM initiative could have been done all online with personalization, but somewhere within Genentech the marketing services Director got the budget she wanted to check off a box on her KPI’s.  Too bad because this is a huge waste of money.