Why did Addyi flop? Look no further than social media

7583651-addyi-packaging.0.0KEY TAKEAWAY: According to Bloomberg News, Addyi is no blockbuster. While half a million prescriptions were written for Viagra in its first few weeks on the market, Addyi has garnered only 227 since its October 17 debut. Why? Just look at the social media coversations. 

Rarely has there been so much negative PR around the approval of Addyi, especially with women who are the target market for the drug.  An analysis conducted by this author indicates that women are both afraid of the side effects and don’t want a drug that has to be taken everyday. What the drugmaker forgot is that, more than any other demographic group, women research health treatments and talk to one another about them, especially the side effects.


What I found interesting is that a lot of women are saying that the drug doesn’t work while others don’t want a drug that has to be taken everyday with possible side effects that could alter how they approach their daily tasks. In addition, since Addyi can’t be taken with alcohol, it means that patients can’t ever have a drink since the drug has to be taken around the clock.  Simple research would have told marketers this, but is seems once FDA approval was in hand the company just wanted to sell it to another drug company to make a profit.


Will Addyi ever succeed?  I doubt it, at least from what I am reading on social media.