Why are YOU in pharma?

KEY TAKEAWAY: In a profit based healthcare world, with CEO salaries out of control, pharma needs people who care about the impact we have on patients.  If you’re in pharma to get promoted or to earn “big bucks” than you are part of the problem.

As the year winds down and pharma employees take time off to be with family and friends, it’s a good time to remember all the people who can’t enjoy the holidays because they have health problems and may not be able to afford medications.  It’s called empathy and it’s time that all pharma marketers to care more about the people we help and less about earning big paychecks.

OK, I know that there are a lot of very good people out there who are patient focused, but your actions are being drowned out by the poor decisions of pharma executives who feel that Wall Street are their best customers.  It’s also become en vogue to report on pharma fines and the high cost of drugs without talking about how cancer patients are living longer because of new drugs.  If there is one key lesson of the past election, it’s that people have had enough of the status quo and want change.

I have heard too many patients, via research, to not care about what we do.  When working with clients I always approach marketing with the “voice of the patient” but I also remember that pharma is a business and that DTC managers have to be accountable for the money they pay us.  I have worked with some very smart and good people, but in the challenges of trying to get things done, they lose focus on why our industry is here and why it’s so important.

Working in pharma can be extremely rewarding if you want to leave the world a better place because of your footprint.  If, it’s become more of a burden than get out and listen to patients more and carry their voice back to people within your company because if you don’t, who will?