Where are the pharma leaders?

UnknownKEY THOUGHT:  A good leader does the “right thing” and leads by example not by title.  So once again, I wonder “where are the great leaders within the Biopharma industry?”

So much seems wrong with our industry.  Executives shrug off high prices, DTC marketing is in a funk and patients are crying out to be treated as individuals and find someone who will listen to their needs and wants.

Pharma has become big business and like all big businesses the only thing that’s important is the balance sheet and investors.  The talent pool is missing a lifeguard while CEO’s “churn and burn” and leave with multimillion dollar parachutes.  Can this industry still turn it around?


I’m an optimist primarily because I know a lot of very good people who do care about what they do and put patients first. It seems, however, that every week I’m getting an email or call from another person who has decided to leave biopharma.  I have lost potential clients by what I have written here, but my conscious is clear and clear conscious is worth more than a consulting job.  My current clients often send me kudos for what I write and wish that they could change their companies for the better.  Those who have been in the industry for 15-20 years tell me that they have seen a downward spiral of capabilities and talent that is leading to a tsunami.


It’s not enough to read my posts and like them on LinkedIn, you, me, we, HAVE to be the change we want to see the industry.  We need to speak with a louder voice against those that know the cost of everything without understanding the value.  You have to be willing to be part of the solution and work hard every minute of every day to benefit patients who want and need help in our complicated healthcare system.  I believe in an empathetic approach to DTC marketing and realize that we won’t get to do everything we want, but we have to, at a minimum, try.