What’s the name of that drug again?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Today DTC TV ads drive people online to learn more so drug marketers need to make it easier for their targeted audience to remember drug names that are too often hard to remember and spell.

The latest ad for Viberzi, a drug to treat irritable bowel, is a very good one.  A couple is getting ready for an intimate evening in the bedroom.  But as the wife gets into bed, her irritable bowel symptoms appear (via the Viberzi woman) ruining her anniversary.  We then see her going to her doctor and enjoying her relationship.  The last scene is of her and her husband on the couch watching TV while she gets a devilish smile and turns out the light.

The spot “tells a story” of how irritable bowel can interfere with the quality of life, but unless you have a great memory and/or know how to spell you might have to wait for the commercial to air again to find the website.

A quick Google search showed that Viberzi was not to be found in a Google search (paid SEO). So what’s a patient supposed to do?

Today DTC marketers need to do everything they can to ensure that consumers can both remember the drug’s name and how to spell it.  For example, they could include a simple “text to” to learn more:


By advertising an easy to remember text number users would be directed to the drug’s website, eliminating the chance of relying on Google ad words or requiring the patient to remember the name of the your brand.

There are also toll free numbers, but call centers can be expensive to maintain and people may not want to talk to people about certain health conditions.  DTC marketers need to make it  easier for people to find them online.  They can’t afford anyone to “forget” or be driven to a competitor’s site.