What pharma employees want from their company

KEY TAKEAWAY: According to numerous consulting reports I’ve read one of the biggest obstacles to big pharma is the organization itself.  Over the years I have asked the employees of biopharma companies what they really think needs to change.  Here are some of the top wishes..

1ne: A CEO who can lead by example and who understands the role we play in helping people live longer with better quality of lives.

2wo: A CEO who doesn’t make tens of millions of dollars in compensation.

3hree: A culture where people can brainstorm and get things done without back-to-back meetings all week.

4our: “If I add a lot of value to the company through my work I shouldn’t have to look for a new job when the product I’m working on comes off patent”.

5ive: Provide an office environment that allows me to think and get things done.  The “open office” environment isn’t working and is demeaning.

6ix: More risk taking when it comes to marketing, but risks based on reaching patients not lying to them.

7even: People who are responsible for illegal activities should be banned from working in life sciences.

8ight: It’s no always about the money.  We want to feel good about the work we do and feel like we accomplished something.

9ine: Force us to take vacation time.

10en: Finally, it’s been hard to work in an industry that’s been demonized by the press and politicians.  We need to be focused more on patients to earn their trust back.  It will take time, but we know it can be done.