What is DTC supposed to do?

KEY TAKEAWAY: It has always been believed the objective of DTC marketing is to drive patients into the doctor to ask for your product but can DTC advertising still work in an era when insurers have a lot of power and patients face hurdles to getting an Rx?

DTC marketing used to be easier, a whole lot easier.  Today, however, significant barriers are in place even if you happen to convince a patient they need your product.  In addition, shifting consumer attitudes towards healthcare is playing a larger part in a patient’s decision to seek treatment.

What can DTC marketers do?

1ne: Focus more on the end benefit not the product benefit.  How do patients currently taking, your drug feel?  How has it helped them enjoy a better quality of life?  These are things that need to be communicated and reinforced to patients.

2wo: Make your website more about patients and less about trying to sell your drug. Your product website should not read like a medical manual or feel like a medical textbook.  You are talking to your patients “one on one” and your content should do the same.

3hree: Communicate patient success stories to HCP’s.  Believe it or not they want to hear how your product has improved patient lives.

4our: Stop thinking that DTC TV ads should get the majority of your budget.  If you have to ask “why?” then you’re stuck in the past.

5ive: Don’t forget nurse practitioners. More and more they are prescribed for patients and even allowing patients to switch medications, but too many pharma salespeople are skipping them.

DTC has to evolve if it’s going to be effective.  We understand that you have to show an ROI, but as the business model for pharma changes your DTC needs to change as well.

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