What do doctors want from pharma?

Data indicates that physicians have less time to meet with pharma salespeople as they deal with an influx of patients after COVID. Some agencies have suggested videos to clients, but that takes time that HCPs don’t have. So what do they want, and how do you get them talking?

There is fierce competition for HCP’s attention. This makes it even more essential for pharma marketers to develop an impactful messaging strategy for new launches and updated data on existing products.

Zoom RX did some research that I believe is relevant in today’s market. Here are some of their findings about engaging HCPs.

1ne: Keep it short and to the point. Their research confirmed what we all intuitively know: No HCP has the time to read a long, detailed promotional message. Shorter messages significantly increase both brand perception and the likelihood of prescription. HCPs found them more effective and could more clearly differentiate these messages from those for competitive products. But how short should your message be? Messages with 10-14 words proved most effective.

2wo: Deliver ~4 messages and connect them with a brand story. Short, compelling messages alone aren’t enough. They need to weave together to build a straightforward story that conveys a compelling value proposition that resonates with your target audience.

3hree: Clinical trials, safety, and efficacy drive an impactful story. A data-backed statement will have a much higher impact on a sales rep’s success than simply highlighting the benefits of your product. Yet, with a limit of only 3-5 messages, the question of which data becomes pressing.

4our: Omnichannel is a must but don’t waste money – Omnichannel is a huge buzzword right now because it means more money for agencies. You may not have every possible channel. Focus on the ones where your audience IS not where you want them to be. I held a Twitter chat during an Oncology conference a couple of years ago that effectively drove our target audience to specific pages online. The biggest draw? Summary of presented data.

5ive: Don’t ignore Medscape – I have NEVER been disappointed with Medscape. It’s the one site I recommend to all my clients who want to reach targeted docs.

Don’t fall into the trap of getting physicians to come to you; go where they are and hold agencies accountable for implemented tactics.