Want to know how patients think about your drug?

nothinkingaboutyouPOST SUMMARY: Besides giving you raw data like visitors, web analytics can actually inform you how patients are thinking about your medication which is invaluable information in today’s micro segmented consumer world.

The path through your website offers clues to the most important challenges you face in getting patients to request an Rx from their doctor.  I had the chance to review the web analytic of a top selling product for a client and it told a very interesting story.  It seems that a lot of people were going to the webpage that featured an Rx discount card, but few were actually downloading and printing the voucher.  A closer look revealed a huge drop off in a page that collected personal information including health questions.  We tested removing this page and downloads increased 110%  with increased usage at the pharmacy.


On another client’s website the top page, other than the landing page, was the “safety information”.  Unfortunately, it was also the op exit page which indicated that visitors were getting turned off by the safety profile.  I recommended that we try two approaches; first, we made the safety information page easier to read with bigger fonts and more common English.  Second, we added two video and text callouts of actual patients talking about their experience with treatment with M L R disclaimers.  Not only did it work, but time on the site increased and the safety page stopped being a top exit page for visitors.

While I would like to take credit for these two examples it was just a matter of taking a deep dive into the web analytics and looking for shiny nuggets that identified opportunities to ensure online marketing was relevant.  Your eMarketing people should be providing opportunities to improve your online branding and make sure digital marketing stays relevant in an age of empowered patients.


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