The vast majority of patients expect patient services

screenshot_4576% of patients think pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide information and services that help patients manage their own health.   Nearly as many respondents— 74%—indicate that the most appropriate time to initiate outreach is when they start taking a medication, although half of the respondents are open to receiving assistance after they have begun a course of treatment or are considering switching.

Patients are increasingly taking more control of their health—and being encouraged to do so from a wide range of sources including the government, payers and other healthcare providers. Not surprisingly, they are looking for assistance to do so. Nearly half (46 percent) of American adults take prescription drugs; the average is 4.1 prescriptions. A fourth of those ages 18 to 39 regularly take two prescription drugs, suggesting that a reliance on multiple drugs is no longer confined to older Americans according to a 2012 poll by Consumer Reports National Research Center.







1ne: We need to determine who can provide better services; is it pharma or their doctors?

2wo: Physicians don’t have the time to customize patient services so an all in one integrated provider, like Athena Health, is necessary.

3hree: Clear expectations have to be established on how private data will be kept and how it will be stored.  For example, a pharma company may collect eMail addresses but are 3rd party vendors who execute the campaigns privacy certified?

4our: Can pharma can best deliver the message through physicians(?)