Vaccine rollout hampered by incompetence

The good news is that there are two vaccines against COVID. The bad news most people don’t know when they are eligible or where to get their shots. As usual local and state governments are proving that even the simplest tasks can be screwed up.

My doctor sent out an email this week explaining that they didn’t have the COVID vaccine and didn’t know when they would have it available for patients. I checked with some thought leaders, and they all basically said the same thing plus, they said that they had received a lot of questions about vaccine availability. Most said they are telling patients to “watch the news.”

Here in Florida the problem has been made worse by an incompetent Governor who refuses to follow the CDC guidelines and is withholding COVID information from the general public.

According to The Washington Post ” from the pandemic’s infancy, DeSantis has conveniently, even diabolically, airbrushed covid-19 out of public life here. The result: 1.2 million total covid-19 cases, nearly 61,000 total hospitalizations and a new seven-day case-positivity rate of 9.7 percent — all rapidly rising toward crisis levels. Even Texas, which isn’t exactly a model of coronavirus caution, has a statewide mask mandate and lower cumulative infection rate than Florida“.

From what I can tell nobody has heard from insurers either about the availability of the vaccine. At a minimum, they should be communicating the need to get vaccinated to a public that is skeptical about new vaccines.

The supply chain too?

Even as the Trump administration has ordered another 100 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine, one has to wonder about the supply chain availability and quality. From ingredients to bottles, will the supply chain keep up, and will quality control be maintained?

Where is the FDA assuring people that the vaccine is safe and that there are strict QC standards that are being implemented to ensure all vaccine doses are safe and effective?

There needs to be accountability but more importantly we need to ensure that we learn from mistakes and set into place processes to ensure that it never happens again.