Using web analytics to benchmark a drug launch

web analyticsPOST SUMMARY: Web analytics can provide a wealth of information allowing brand teams to determine if they are on target with the global launch of new prescription drugs.  By developing a digital global launch excellence template organizations can benchmark if their message is cutting through the clutter to reach consumers who are likely to ask about your product.

There is gold in web analytics, but looking through all the data to find meaningful numbers can take time and skill.  However, analytics can quickly confirm that your message is on or off target.  Here are some analytics to look at..

(1) Does our message resonate with our target audience?

Analytics to look at:

-Google search trends- Are more people searching about our product/health condition since we launched our DTC?

-Overall traffic to the site in relation to GRP of our TV spots.

-Time on site per visitor and pages viewed.


(2) Is our target audience interested in our product?

Analytics to look at:

-Click stream analysis

-Time on our product page(s) within our site

-Coupon/voucher downloads

-Social media buzz

(3) Is our global launch in line with expectations?

Analytics to look at:

-Visitors from OUS to your website

-Where are OUS visitors going to?


(4) Is our website meeting brand/user needs?

Analytics to look at:

-Pop-up survey, control vs. test, asking visitors to rate your website and content.

-Time on key pages vs. Time to read the content (are they really reading the content or skimming?)

-Statistical correlation models including visitors/GRP’s and new Rx’s

(5) Are we driving awareness about a specific health problem and what are people doing as a result?

Analytics to look at:

-Google search term trends

-Click stream analysis

-Social media buzz

It’s important to remember that, when used with other market research tools, web analytics can indeed provide great feedback on the global launch of new drugs.  I have developed a template scorecard that I use with clients, but it has to continually be updated as metrics change and more data becomes available.