The upcoming revolution in health care


-Health care is poised for disruption.

-The disruption will be led by patients who see themselves as “consumers of health care”.

-Pharma is ill prepared to leverage the disruption because they “like to play it safe”.

I read a lot of online posts/blogs from patients online and their voices are becoming louder when it comes to the failings of our health care system.  The old model, of making an appointment with the doctor, getting an Rx, and taking medications is rapidly coming to an end.  Here are MY predictions for changes in health care:

1ne: While it’s true that there are too many startups the ones that have done their research, put patients first and listen to HCP’s will be successful.  Don’t discount Microsoft, Apple and Amazon from entering the EHR market and further disrupting the market.

2wo: Pharma product websites, as a source of general health information, are dead.  Again and again too many people rank pharma websites low in online health information.

3hree: Social media is dying.  Fake news, and Facebook’s refusal to admit its role in fake news and the invasion of privacy are going to drive online health seekers elsewhere.

4our: The best online health sites will be those that bring people together in community.

5ive: DTC is also dying and is going to be replaced with relevant messages at the point of care via EGR’s and mHealth.

6ix: More pharma companies are going to ditch big agencies for online marketing in favor of smaller, more nimble interactive agencies.

7even: Health care “genius bars” or immediate care facilities are going to become more popular if they can get it right.

8ight: Pharma’s model of grabbing a piece of the pie is going to diminish as insurers restrict “me too” drugs. (I.e. There are over 2,000 immune oncology drugs in development).

9ine: WebMD will be sold again, possibly to someone like CVS who could benefit from the site along with Aetna acquisition.

10en: Pharma companies that play it safe and don’t try new marketing initiatives will be left behind.