Trust in healthcare pillars setback decades?

HEY NOW: The number of people who said that they would get a COVID vaccine is dropping rapidly because they don’t trust the FDA, drug companies, or the government to approve fully tested medications. This is going to affect DTC in a big way.

Only about half of Americans said they would try to get a Covid-19 vaccine once one is available, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, and that percentage appears to have dropped since May. Why? Simple, they don’t trust the current administration to approve a vaccine without thorough testing.

Trump promised an approved vaccine by Election Day but drug companies are pushing back in a big way. The problem is that very few people trust drug companies to walk the straight line.

According to CNN “if a Covid-19 vaccine were widely available at a low cost, 51% of respondents in the survey said they would try to get vaccinated, 45% said they would not try and 4% had no opinion, according to poll findings released on Monday”. That should scare EVERY healthcare business, especially drug companies that rely on DTC advertising.

With headlines like this how can people trust any drug product?

What has this President done to reassure the public? Nothing! Donald Trump lashed out at his own administration’s drug approval regulator, accusing the agency of launching a “political hit job” on him over a Covid-19 vaccine.

The US president accused the Food and Drug Administration of making it more difficult to approve a vaccine ahead of the presidential election on November 3, after the agency passed tough new guidelines.

Mr. Trump has also angered many in the medical community and been sanctioned by social media companies for saying coronavirus was less serious than seasonal flu which is 100% pure bullshit.

Pharma, for the most part, is not reaching out to people who are overwhelmed with online health information. Right now it’s pretty much every online health seeker is on their own as the media continues to distort health information scaring people.

Anyone who believes that this isn’t going to. effect DTC is living in a fantasy world. Google is reporting that searches for online health information have skyrocketed since COVID-19. Yet, today, drug companies are running DTC TV ads for drugs that may “compromise the immune system” at a time when nobody wants a compromised immune system.

Going back to basics it all starts and ends with trust. Right now the trust of the FDA and CDC is taking huge hits to their integrity. Hopefully, Biden, when elected, will once again put his trust in science and researchers where it belongs but right now our healthcare is becoming a huge punching bag.