As Trump threatens healthcare more silence from pharma

KEY TAKEAWAY: President Donald Trump is contemplating a new strategy to get repeal of the Affordable Care Act through Congress: threatening to torpedo insurance for millions of Americans unless Democrats agree to negotiate with him. And the silence from pharma executives is once again deafening.  

I’m beginning to wonder if pharma executives really have a conscience or are they more loyal to their paychecks?  The fact that millions of people could be caught in the crossfire and lose their insurance, which could be devastating, doesn’t seem to matter to pharma company senior executives.

I keep expecting someone, anyone, to speak up and take a stand that it’s all about patients, but God forbid any executives should rock the boat and bring attention to an industry that is being scrutinized for high drug prices.

To say that our government is broken would be the understatement of the decade, but once again people, like you and me, are caught drifting in the gap between being wiped out financially for healthcare or paying through the roof for basic healthcare coverage.

Pharma cannot keep putting profits and shareholders above doing what is right.  Everyone in the industry needs to be the conscience of putting people first.