Time to rethink drug websites

THINK Road SignPOST SUMMARY: Google graph for health is a game changer for online health and while it needs to be watched to determine its impact on drug.com websites DTC digital marketers should start to optimize their websites for both patients and ROI.

When an online health seeker goes online they are looking for information about a health condition, symptoms, and treatments.  All this information can now be easily obtained via Google’s graph the search results at the top of search results.



If Google can make this information better via a better callout and provide links to local physicians who are specialists in treating these health conditions they could have a huge winner.  So where does this leave pharma websites?

Each digital marketing health manager needs to define the key information that users are looking for and benchmark that information against Google Graph information and their own websites.  It’s also important to remember that each health condition is unique in terms of time spent online researching the condition and treatment options.


Does Google’s Graph make unbranded sites obsolete?  No, not at all.  Marketers need to develop online tactics that will both engage users and educate them on their most important questions and move them into the healthcare treatment silo.