The worthless recognition of trade magazine awards

  • Pharma and agencies love to be recognized by industry trade magazines.
  • The awards themselves are virtually worthless.
  • These awards lead to cross hiring within pharma and look on a resume, nothing else.
  • The best recognition comes from patients who say “thank you” for helping them overcome illness.

Once again LinkedIn is full of sycophants saying thank you for being recognized by another industry trade publication, this time Pharma Voice.   These awards are virtually worthless except the fact that they look good on a resume.  In fact the awards that I won are kept in a closet collecting dust.

Why are these awards given?  First, they help promote the magazine and often lead to more advertising revenue.  Second, the trade magazines are losing readers big time.  The vast majority of my clients never read them and use them as doorstops.  However, the pharma industry is too inbred to do anything.

The best recognition I ever got was listening to patients who said that we were able to help them overcome a health problem or illness.  That, TO ME, meant the world and recharged me, but too many other people live to collect these awards, which mean they are great at “fitting in” a system that needs a major paradigm shift in culture and how we talk to people.

It’s no wonder that pharma is never recognized by major marketing awards; their marketing stinks. But hey! I got a great magazine award!