The power of target audience personas

QUICK READ: Too often we segment audiences based on demographics alone. Developing target audience personas can help you refine your marketing and lead to better target marketing.

How much do you really know about your target audience? Who are they and how do they feel about certain health conditions? I have often found that many DCT marketers know their market demographics but rarely do they have more insights.

Developing a target audience persona can help your whole brand team as well as your agencies. A persona is a snapshot of your audience segments in terms that help marketers understand who you’re talking to. It also is a great tool to help agencies better target, and, develop talking points.

Above is a persona we developed for a client in the Type 2 diabetes market. It was based on months of research working very closely with the market research team. It was so successful that when we talked marketing tactic s we often asked who the tactic was aimed at.

In addition to Danny Denial, there were other personas that we developed such as people who live in rural areas who don’t understand the link between their lifestyles and diabetes as well as educated patients who wanted to know everything they could about how to manage diabetes.

To make matters interesting HCP’s were VERY interested in this persona’s so that it could help them identify and work with diabetes patients. We developed a detail piece just on the personas and even recruited a thought leader to talk about treating different personas.

Putting a name and detail on different market segments can really elevate your marketing as well. As you track sales you can determine which segment is responsive to your message and which ones are not.

Personas should be so common in your brand team that people refer to their names when strategizing tactics.