The hype and bull in healthcare

lets-cut-bullshitPOST SUMMARY: The hype and bullshit in healthcare have never been deeper.  If healthcare is to evolve the simple formula is to make is revolve around patients not apps, website ratings or wearable devices. Despite all the hype around mobile health and apples’ health apps the fact remains that most patients are frustrated with the level of care they receive from their doctors and when they enter hospitals.  Patients want physicians to treat them as individual people and they want the tools to “talk” to doctors when an appointment isn’t needed.  That’s the result of a quantitative study we just completed (n=6,544).


What we found is that even Millennials want more time with doctor’s to talk over “wellness” issues and patients who need extended healthcare are often frustrated by the lack of engagement of hospital staff.  The biggest want/need from those taking part in research across all the demographic groups was “a better relationship with healthcare providers”.  When ranking the “elements” of a better relationship the number one wish was “treats me as a person and talks to me about my overall health”.

In mobile health most felt that apps could provide “some help” but that they didn’t want to have their mobile devices with them all the time and that too many apps are “just one more thing to do during the day” to track their health.  The biggest challenge seems to be “helping patients live with health issues” without living in fear.  “I want to find the cause of my AFIB so I don’t have to worry about another attack” while another person said “how do I ensure that I don’t get MS symptoms when I am under the stress of working”.


Healthcare still has a long way to go in this country.  It’s hard to find a doctor who really listens to what we are saying and can treat the “whole patient”.  Will the industry get the message?