The common denominator

QUICK READ: Scientists need to understand the common denominator that makes some people gravely ill versus some who just get mild symptoms when it comes to the Coronavirus.

The media continues to publish stories of seemingly healthy people who get seriously ill when they get the Coronavirus. Despite these stories, various medical sites are reporting that over 140,000 people who got the virus were cured and able to resume their normal lives. We need, however, to understand why seemingly healthy people, who have no other underlying conditions, get gravely ill.

I talked with several thought leaders about this over the last weeks and here is a summary of what they had to say:

1ne: The different strains of the virus are most likely not to account for the seriousness of the infection.

2wo: They believe there is some type of common denominator in patients who get really sick and that research needs to identify these denominators.

3hree: The vaccines that are being developed may not work on people who have the denominator that causes them to get really sick and require hospitalization.

One of the thought leaders pointed me to a story of three family members who died as a result of the Coronavirus and felt it could be something genetic. He did preface the statement by saying that a lot of research needs to be done to truly understand the “why” and “how”.

The most important thing we can do is rely on data that is collected and analyzed concurrently with published medical standards. “The worst thing we can do is to rush to judgment,” he said.

Pharma needs to help educate the public that “miracle medications” take time to develop despite what the moron in charge says. If we rush a product to market that hasn’t been fully tested we could be doing more damage than good.