The biggest threats to your health care

  • The biggest threats to our health care is not the cost of prescription drugs.
  • The health insurance industry is tracking your race, education level, TV habits, marital status, net worth. They’re collecting what you post on social media, whether you’re behind on your bills, what you order online. Then they feed this information into complicated computer algorithms that spit out predictions about how much your health care could cost them.
  • Medical experts say that digital health can’t do much for users that are already sick, or at high risk of a serious medical condition. Many of these companies won’t diagnose disease for regulatory reasons, even if they’re picking up strong signals through sensors and algorithms, so instead they’ll suggest that a user see their doctor.

THE biggest threat to our health care is not the rising costs of prescription drugs; it’s the apathy of 100 million voters who didn’t vote in our last election while the current administration bows to money from the health care industry.

The media is focused on stories of rising drug costs, often with horror stories from people who can’t afford their prescription drugs, but they seem to be ignoring other problems that continue to plague our dated system.  Especially politics. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America spent $15.5 million lobbying the federal government in the first half of this year[/inlinetweet]. That’s the most PhRMA has spent in a comparable six-month period since at least 2001. Meanwhile, the health insurance industry has spent $41,682,122 on lobbying.

What this means is that “for profit” health care is about to get more profitable as Congress strips away patient protections such as “pre-existing conditions”.  Of course, both the pharma and insurance industry has remained silent as they are afraid of the wrath of governing Republicans.

Pharma keeps trying to tell us that they are “patient centered” but we know that, for the most part, to be false.  Their focus in pleasing Wall Street not Main Street.  The attention, during drug trials, is not for patients, but rather, on how it’s going to affect their stock value.

Then there is Medicare and Medicaid, which Republicans seem to want to take a knife to. With so many Boomers retiring Medicare has become a valuable health insurer, but a big medical emergency could still wipe out a substantial part of their savings.

Rather than blame Congressional Republicans, we need to also cast doubt over the 100 million people who didn’t vote.  They are a huge threat to YOUR health care.  If big lobbying money continues to drive policy we will be left behind paying huge health insurance bills and dreading a trip to the hospital.  It’s time to acknowledge this threat.