The biggest challenge facing biopharma

Pushing-rock-uphillKEY TAKEAWAY: Talent, passion and innovation are all necessary elements for any company to survive today, but can pharma and biotech companies recruit and retain the disruptors needed to stay competitive?

With all the negative press and Presidential candidates talking about “greedy pharma” I wonder why a talented marketer would even consider a career in pharma? Too many organizations still look for people who “fit in” rather than for people who can shake up things, in a good way, to implement much needed change.


A career in pharma can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time.  It’s rewarding because deep down the drugs we market help patients live a better quality of life.  It’s frustrating because of endless meetings and M L R teams that are too cautious at a time when patients need more help making health care decisions.

Yet if you are someone who won’t accept the status quo, who can listen and find answers to problems and network to win over key organizational influencers a career on pharma is a good choice.  The industry desperately needs people who can ask basic questions like “why are we doing this?”, or “why aren’t we doing this?”.  However, you can’t Steve Jobs teams into doing what should be done; rather, you need an approach that has a foundation in management and years of experience within corporate matrix structures.


Pharma executives, at all levels, need to ensure that hey seek out the people who are going to speak up when they see wrong, challenge current DTC marketing that provides little value and focus on patient retention and earning the trust of customers everyday.  Are you ready?