The 8 types of pharma employee

Accenture wrote many years ago that the biggest challenge to the pharma industry was their own organizational shortcomings.  Unfortunately, most big pharma companies haven’t got the message and to this day most employees are treated as expendable assets.

Blowin’ with the wind – This type of employee will do whatever the prevailing pharma managementment tell him/her to do.  Their only interest is keeping their job and paycheck. To them, it’s a way to make a living.  Will not fight for good people and will recommend that the pirates be laid off.

It’s politics – To this employee it’s all about politics. They spend 80% of their time networking within the organization to advance their own career.  They will often throw others under the bus if it means they get political points.  Will seek out magazine awards to self promote themselves.

Disillusioned – They came into the pharma industry full of high hopes and expectations, but the constant meetings, open offices and matrix decision making have worn them down.  They realize that “big pharma” is only interested in sustaining itself and not changing with the times.

Pirate – These are people who ask “why?” and “why not?”.  They understand that internal processes and a lack of empathy are ruining the industry and want to change things for the better but they are often slapped down.  Come review time they are often seen as “non team players” and are more likely to go to an industry that appreciates people who can challenge the status quo.

The salesman–  Someone who came up through the sales organization and only wants to do something that helps sales people achieve their quotas.  Does not care about patients and to him/her it’s only about numbers. To them, it’s always about ROI.

On the way to the executive suite – They are being groomed for bigger things and act like they know it all.  They are experts at navigating the political organization and often spend time in meetings trying to prove their worth by adding things that don’t add value to people.

Lifer – She, he has been with the company 15-20 years and knows how to stand upright through good and bad times.  Has no respect for people who they see as job hoppers and applies behaviors based on their perception not what’s best for the company.

Empathetic – This type of employee understands patients and wants to do everything they can to help people, but constantly runs into the sales person.  Feels that their industry is helping people and uses this to shield themselves from the reality of bad company behavior.