That pesky ROI

KEY TAKEAWAY: ROI driven strategies can be in direct competition with patient needs and wants and erode trust pharma companies even further.  By executing a DTC strategy that is more focused on helping and listening pharma can slowly begin the journey to reestablish trust with its customers.

Imagine, for a moment, developing a program to reach cancer patients who have just received an infusion of your product with the sole objective to help them through a difficult time.  ROI? [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]How can you measure the ROI of actually helping people who are undergoing treatment for a horrible health condition?[/inlinetweet]

We have seen, through research, that trust in the pharma industry is at an all time low.  However, trust can earned back through a strategy that actually goes beyond the product itself.  DTC marketers need to establish a dialogue with current customers based on THEIR needs and an understanding that some patients may be scared about some treatments they are receiving. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] It’s called empathy and frankly, it’s non existent in most pharma marketing.[/inlinetweet]

Sure, there are websites galore about your product or health condition, but the reason so many people are turning to social media for health is that you’re not meeting their emotional support needs and answering the questions they need answers to.  Updating your website once every 90 days is not a strategy and is NOT patient focused.

The first step is to convince your organization that you can’t directly measure everything you do, especially when it comes helping patients.  The second step is to listen to your customers and develop a sense of empathy that is not taught at MBA schools.

What is the ROI of trust?  If you have to ask that you have a hell of a lot of work to do.