On talent within the pharma industry…

POST SUMMARY: There can be no doubt that changes are needed within biopharma DTC marketing to ensure that marketing to patients and consumers remains relevant.  However, as long as antiquated hiring practices and rebels are denied entry into DTC marketing the industry is doomed to see budgets cut further as senior management looks to cut costs.



The best marketing today does not conform to past marketing ideas of TV spots and building a website.  It’s one that acknowledges the reality of a demographic shift in incomes, as well as an understanding that consumers are a hell of a lot smarter because they can fact check every marketers claim.


Through this BLOG I have tried to put into words the passion I have for our industry even though there seems to be a lot of the public that thinks pharma companies are ripping them off.  I understand that change is needed and I also understand that while managers sit in back to back meetings all day patients are making healthcare choices without marketers being part of the conversation.

Why is this happening?

(1) The heavy reliance to prove ROI for every dollar they spend in an era when every piece of content and every conversation is just part of an integrated marketing strategy to drive conversion.

(2) Getting too hung up on “matrix organizational” meetings and getting buy-in from people who don’t understand digital marketing or how people are using the Web to make health care treatment decisions.


(3) Hiring agencies that provide lip service rather than trying to change current marketing initiatives.

(4) Rejecting candidates because they actually can think for themselves and create a culture of change and patient centered marketing.

(5) Having managers who are too attached to their job titles and too afraid to rock the corporate political boat.

(6) An exit of talent from the industry due to industry downsizing.

(7) M L R teams that are risk adverse thus stifling creativity.

(8) Hiring people that are not smarter than you.


(9) Senior management’s refusal to tackle culture change.

(10) New talent avoiding a career in pharma.

Now with all that someone said that “I should move on” but I will never, ever, stop trying to be the change our industry needs because I love DTC marketing too much.  I understand that making healthcare decisions can be a complicated and frightening journey and I understand that not everything we do can be measured.

For those of you who have stuck with me through my rants, I am really appreciative but unless we try and implement change the words i write here are hollow.