The conflict of using social media for biopharma

money_menwomen_290x218POST SUMMARY: Gallup indicates that social media has very little effect on the purchase decision at a time when DTC managers are under increasing pressure to show results from their marketing efforts.  Can biopharma do what is best for patients without having to spend countless hours in meetings to justify the ROI? Continue reading

They’re my patients

mypatientsWhile talking to a product manager at a biotech company I noticed a hand written letter pinned up on her office wall.  When I started to read it I saw that it was from a patient who was wrote to say “thank you” for the product that she works on.  “I keep that letter there to remind me of what’s really important here.  People like her sometimes get lost in all the meetings and maze of getting things done”.  Amen ! Continue reading

How are consumers using social media for health?

pewinternetAccording to  Pew Internet as of May 2013, almost three quarters (72%) of online U.S. adults use social networking sites, up from 67% in late 2012. When we first started asking about social networking sites in February 2005, just 8% of online adults said they used social networking sites. In addition six out of ten internet users ages 50-64 are social networking site users, as are 43% of those ages 65 and older. However there is a huge difference between actually posting on a social media site versus reading others posts. Continue reading