Don’t use random data for DTC strategic decisions

  • Random marketing data via social media may not be applicable for your product/health condition.
  • Marketers need to ask “why?” and “what does this include?”
  • Perfect example is the latest health data from Rock Health.  It doesn’t differentiate between health apps and fitness apps.
  • DTC marketers need to conduct their own research and validate it with follow up research.

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Listening to physicians in research (findings)

  • Physicians do spend time online, but their number one site is still Medscape.
  • They don’t have the time to connect with patients with social media and don’t see the value.
  • Drug company studies are a good source of information, but they want to “know more”.
  • Patients are “rarely’ coming to them asking for advertised drugs.

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Patients sound off and they’re angry!

KEY TAKEAWAY: I was invited to attend a focus group panel on health care in Weston, Florida and was not prepared for the anger and frustration I heard from the range of people of all ages, demographics and backgrounds.  It’s clear our health care system is very broken and that “empowered patients” is more of a buzzword than reality. Continue reading