Should pharma de-emphasize product websites?

imgresKEY TAKEAWAY:  The patient journey towards choosing a treatment option does not involve just one website.  It involves, depending on the health condition, a lot of research, primarily online, and talking with inner circle influencers.  Does this mean that pharma companies should devote less time and money on their product websites? Continue reading

Getting more traffic to prescription drug websites

more web trafficAccording to a Comscore report, Pixels, Patients and Prevention How Today’s Consumers are using the Internet to Manage Their Health, only 9% of internet users prefer drug websites for health content. This can and should be a lot higher.  Here are some things that biopharma marketers can do to increase traffic to their site and improve their branding. Continue reading

It’s time for DTC marketers to get serious about brand websites

Building_a_dot_com_0300pxTwo in ten online consumers indicate that, in the past month, they have forwarded a link to an article about a brand or product (19%) or to a brand’s or product’s website (19%) to someone in the past month, while 15% have forwarded a link to a brand’s or product’s video (Source). With all DTC budgets facing increasing scrutiny it’s time to pay a hell of a lot more attention to your product website than to simply turn it over to an agency to develop.  A good website can help achieve brand objectives, but a poor one can lead to a lost conversion and a waste of money against key brand KPI’s. Continue reading