More than half pharma employes want to leave

2014 engagementEmployees in the U.S. biotech and pharma industries express significant interest in accepting or seeking out a new employment offer, according to a new Randstad Pharma Engagement Study.  The study reveals that within the next six months one-half (51%) of biotech/pharma workers are likely to seek out a job in a different company or organization, as compared to 38 percent of all employees polled.  Furthermore, should they receive an enticing job offer from another company, 66 percent of biotech/pharma employees are likely to accept, compared to 44 percent of all employees polled. Continue reading

Memo: To all drug company CEO’s

SUMMARY: The heart and soul of any company is its people.  The drug industry cannot innovate with people who care more about their status within the organization than customers and patients.  While layoffs are part of an industry consolidation CEO’s have to make sure that the people being told they no longer have jobs are not the linchpins who put in the time to get it right because they know what we do is too damn important in the lives of too many people.  You can’t quantify someone who cares but you can ensure that their voices are heard.  Please share this with colleagues. Continue reading