The majority of physicians do not want to meet with pharmaceutical reps anymore. There are various reasons, including intrusive marketing strategies, a lack of time, and a lack of trust. While most pharmaceutical companies have moved to a digital strategy, it’s also less effective. 80% of HCPs cited a lack of confidence in pharma, which has revealed just how deep the mistrust runs, how it clouds digital interactions, and ultimately impacts online and offline behavior and engagement with pharma.

The effectiveness of sales representatives in engaging healthcare professionals, particularly doctors, is paramount. Building solid relationships with physicians drives product awareness and influences prescribing behaviors. However, the traditional sales model of pushy pitches and generic presentations is becoming outdated. To succeed in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, pharma companies must adopt innovative strategies to enhance the effectiveness of their sales force.

KEY DATA: According to DRG research share of physicians seeing reps in-person dropped from 67% to 54%. Most notably, physician respondents highlighted a time crunch as the primary cause for less in-person time, with increased patient loads, EHR maintenance and time spent on other bureaucratic tasks resulting in less available time to meet with pharma representatives.