The voice of big pharma employees

  • 2018. For half a century, corporate America has been ruled by the gospel of shareholder capitalism, as proclaimed by Milton Friedman.
  • While most senior pharma company executives focus on the profits, many of the rank and file really want to help patients but are overruled because of ROI.
  • Pharma companies are not a good place to work.  Open offices and small raises often lead to a stressful work environment.

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A sense of ownership for pharma employees?

sense of ownershipPOST SUMMARY: Since 2009, the pharmaceutical industry, has announced more than 156,000 job cuts in the U.S. alone, according to Challenger Gray & Christmas.  In Western countries, pharmaceutical jobs are high-paying; the average salary of a U.S. pharmaceutical scientist in 2013 was $141,500, according to an American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists survey.  Sales positions have been particularly hard hit, due to patents expiring on top-selling drugs, and physician restrictions on seeing sales reps. ZS Associates, a sales and marketing consultant, estimates the industry’s U.S. sales force has fallen by 40% from its peak of more than 100,000 in 2006. So what can be done to attract and retain talented people? Continue reading