QUICK READ:  Various estimates suggest that the pandemic might plausibly lead to national health spending in 2020 that is 10% higher than in 2019. If GDP were unchanged, this increase in health care spending alone would increase the share of GDP devoted to health care spending by 10%; the share would increase from the current 17.8% to 19.6% in a single year. But we’re not talking about the virus itself, it’s because people are not visiting their doctors or getting cancer screenings.

QUICK READ: Dr. Cleavon Gilman had seen the news footage of the crowds on the beaches in Florida and California. Some unfortunates infected by such selfish carelessness in the sun are sure to end up in an ambulance and a hospital, where health-care workers will struggle, and too often fail, to save them—while endangering themselves. This as states start to relax restrictions.