Social Media and health: the conversations are around experiences, both good and bad

  • Social networking use among Internet users ages 50 and older has nearly doubled –from   22%   to   42%.
  • This demographic is a sweet spot for healthcare marketers.
  • News sites still remain the most trusted online healthcare resource (68 percent), while user-generated contributions on Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are used less frequently (54 percent), according to results from a national consumer survey conducted by Makovsky + Company. Continue reading

Do patients want biopharma part of the social media conversation?

social-media-strategiesAccording to the Journal of Medical Internet Research “Results suggest that blogging about chronic pain and illness may decrease a sense of isolation through the establishment of online connections with others and increases a sense of purpose to help others in similar situations.”  However, do they really want or need biopharma to be part of the conversation ? Continue reading