Online ad fraud, leading pharma to abandon digital?


-Forrester Research released a report saying that social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter is substantially worthless.

Consumer interaction with online advertising is essentially nonexistent. The average click rate of banner ads is 8 in 10,000.

-It appears that most of the new technology-based advertising methodologies have delivered substantially less than promised.

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Dear pharma: Most online ads are fraudulent

If your company is spending money on online advertising, you are almost certainly being robbed.Google reported that 56% of online display ads that are paid for by advertisers are never seen by a live human being. (And remember, Google is one of the world’s largest sellers of online display ads.) Recently The New York Times ran a story claiming that 57% of online video ads are never seen. CNET reported on a study by research firm Incapsula that found only 38% of traffic on the web is human.  Kraft announced that it was rejecting 75-85% of the online ad impressions it was being offered because they were “fraudulent , unsafe, non-viewable or unknown.”

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With so much online fraud where will pharma money go?

KEY TAKEAWAY: According to Fierce Pharma “Outcome Health went into crisis communications mode after a Wall Street Journal article last week said the fast-growing pharma services company had misled its advertisers. Within hours, the company posted a letter to clients—on its website and social media—outlining in detail how it was addressing the problem”.  Just pile on the fraud! Continue reading