KEY TAKEAWAY1 in 7 people don’t fill their prescriptions because they cost too much. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]At least 28 million Americans have experienced a spike in the cost of their prescription medications in the past 12 months[/inlinetweet]. And for 4 million of them, the price was so high they walked away without their prescription altogether, according to a new Consumer Reports survey.  So whose responsibility is it to ensure patients fill heir Rx’s?

Medical experts estimate that the failure to take prescription medications as directed costs some $300 billion a year in emergency room visits, in patient hospital care and extra visits to physicians offices.  If you think it’s all due to drug costs think again.  One study found that even in health plans where medications are free, rates of non-adherence were nearly 40%.  With the drug industry facing a huge loss of revenue from patent expiration you would figure that drug industry and the government would work to decrease non-adherence rates but they just can’t see the ROI clear enough.