SUMMARY: Now that President Biden’s attempt to lower Medicare drug prices is dead, pharma can get back to business, and their business, of course, is making money. Using social media analytical tools, I was able to determine that there are a lot of outraged voters out there. Politics is broken and is too often about money, not what’s best for people.

SUMMARY: A new survey¬†from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Purchaser Business Group on Health shows signs that corporate executives might be warming to the idea of government getting more involved to rein in the excesses of the healthcare system. It’s affecting their bottom lines, and they won’t stand for that. Big changes are coming.


  • During the State of the Union on Tuesday night, President Trump said his administration is “taking on the big pharmaceutical companies.
  • Democrats quickly responded by getting to their feet, holding up three fingers, and chanting, “H.R. 3! H.R. 3!” H.R. 3 is the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act.
  • The measure requires Medicare to negotiate for lower prices on insulin and other life-saving medicines and was passed by the House in December. Now, the bill is sitting in the Senate