FDA social media guidelines: Access denied in most cases

accessdenied-375x250POST SUMMARY: The question of how pharma companies can meet fair balance requirements in character-limited formats has been a major barrier to the use of social media. The FDA is saying that the channel isn’t suited to complex and high-risk products.  This guidance is a clear indication that the FDA does not understand how consumers are making healthcare decisions and it will prohibit a lot of pharma companies from really leveraging social media to help patients find relevant information online. Continue reading

Key Highlights-FDA & Social Media Marketing

cgicompassThe following analysis was written by Justin Freid, Director Search Engine Marketing, CMI/Compas: The FDA has proclaimed it is acceptable to promote a product on company controlled forums and channels. It is also acceptable for a company to promote their products on third party sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Per the FDA‘s a firm is responsible for product promotional communications on sites that are owned, controlled, created, influenced, or operated by, or on behalf of, the firm.’ Continue reading