Doctors are not technologists

102011code2In the past, when we bought new software, you would receive thick instruction books included with your purchase.  There was just one problem, users rarely read the manuals and only referred to them when they had questions.  So why would any company think that over 200 pages in update notes would be read by physicians and office staff who are time stressed? Continue reading

Lessons from EHR’s and Affordable Care Act website

fpm20070300p26-uf1 It is a mandate that requires physicians to transition to computerized versions of patients’ paper charts by 2015, according to, and is another unfortunate arm of the Affordable Care Act.  Doctors who don’t jump on board will lose 2 percent of their Medicare reimbursements starting in 2017. The government believes that electronic medical records will save Medicare funds and improve patient care.  According to the small-scale study of one ED, physicians spent 44% of their time entering data in their EHR. They spent 28% of their time in direct patient care, 12% reviewing test results and records, 13% in discussion with colleagues, and 3% on other activities. Continue reading