DTC marketers addicted to TV ?

the_obvious_escapes_manyPost Summary: TV, when used strategically as part of an integrated marketing approach, can generate awareness with target audiences but today generating awareness is often not enough to get people into their doctor to ask about your product.  There isn’t one approach that can work across all brands and health conditions but one could argue that what is needed is an integrated approach beyond TV to get consumers to take action. Continue reading

Just how out of touch are DTC TV guidelines ?

iStock_000010822711XSmall_thumbIf the FDA wants to make DTC TV ads relevant to consumers they need to revisit the guidelines they established years ago.  For example, the requirement to add a “see our ad in…” is completely worthless.  Does the FDA really believe that consumers are going to remember that ?  Then there is the fair balance which is a bit of an oxymoron.  What the FDA really needs to do is look at how people are reacting to these ads and better understand the steps they go through as they decide on which drugs they are going to ask about. Continue reading