No, DTC ads are not going away

According to STAT “a drug advertising conference this week in Boston was packed with self-congratulatory sessions celebrating inspiring campaigns. But there was an undercurrent of unease about the prospect of a federal crackdown on pharma commercials”.  Despite what you hear or read DTC advertising is not going anywhere. Continue reading

Time to think like a patient, not a marketer

KEY TAKEAWAY: A two minute story on the evening news about a new cancer drug doesn’t answer enough questions for people who may want to know more before meeting with their doctor.  Biopharma companies need to set realistic expectations when it comes to new drugs and they need to be a credible source of medical information for patients, but all too often their websites are a billboard that says “ask your doctor about me”. Continue reading

How should DTC marketers feel about what they do?

imagesKEY IDEA: Despite the calls to end DTC marketing and the media demonization of the pharma industry DTC marketers should be proud that DTC ads are educating and informing consumerized patients to learn more about potential health problems and treatment options. Continue reading

DTC marketing differs from consumer marketing

Fork-in-the-road-roadsign-division-diverge-two-ways-largeKEY TAKEAWAY: Across all demographic segments TV ads are ranked second in purchase decision influences, but that is not true when it comes to prescription drug ads.  DTC marketers need to ask “what action is my audience going to take as a result of becoming aware of my product” and focus on tactics that engage the audience and get them into their doctor.  Continue reading