28% have talked with a doctor about a drug they saw advertised

UnknownKEY SUMMARY: A large majority of Americans (82 percent) report seeing or hearing prescription drug advertisements, and 3 in 10 (28 percent) say they have talked with a doctor about the specific medicine they saw advertised. After talking to a doctor about a drug they saw, 15 percent of the public says the doctor recommended changes in their behavior or lifestyle, 14 percent say the doctor recommended a different prescription drug, 12 percent say they were given the drug they asked about, and 11 percent were instead recommended an over-the-counter option. Source: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll Continue reading

Effective DTC campaigns lead to the web

effectivedtcPOST SUMMARY: With most pharma companies trying to balance budgets with the challenges of a new healthcare environment DTC marketers are being challenged to meet targeted KPI’s with less dollars.  This is putting more pressure on agencies to deliver metrics that matter, but we are also moving into an era of getting closer to patients/consumers/caregivers in order to help them make better healthcare decisions. Continue reading