Pharma’s real problems with digital marketing

KEY TAKEAWAY: According to Sloan Management Review “employees and executives are highly inclined to jump ship if they feel they don’t have opportunities to develop digital skills”.  While there are some digital pioneers trying to push the boundaries of digital marketing the industry continues to bleed talent. Continue reading

Top digital pharma marketing trends

onlinehealthinfoDigital marketing is evolving and changing day to day.  What was true yesterday is not necessarily true today plus the hype around digital marketing trends often is bigger than the reality of ROI.   It’s not enough to build internal digital marketing capabilities organizations have to ensure that marketers stay on top of digital marketing trends so they can develop strategic marketing strategies that are based on good data and facts.  Here are my top digital marketing trends for DTC marketers… Continue reading

Pharma lagging in digital…

imagesPOST SUMMARY:  According to McKinsey&Company “unlike successful B2C companies in other industries— which offer mobile solutions, provide personalized product recommendations, and empower customer-service agents with a 360-degree view of the customer—most healthcare providers and payors are lagging, as are pharmaceutical companies and medical-device manufacturers.”  How much monger does pharma need to get the wake-up call? Continue reading