How to make digital DTC marketing relevant

your-name-dot.com_Today DTC marketers are often caught between the harsh reality of shrinking budgets and trying to prove to management that their marketing is driving sales.  The key challenge is to balance the needs & wants of your target audience with insights from research to ensure that what you are doing is in fact driving consumers to at least consider your brand as a treatment option.  As I showed with my work at Lilly you can both meet the needs of your audience and measure real results that managers want and need. Continue reading

How much should pharma spend on digital marketing ?

Building_a_dot_com_0300pxI’m getting a lot of calls with the age old question “how much should I budget in 2014 for digital marketing ?”.  The answer to that is complex and largely depends on on the demographics, psychographics and technographics of your target audience.  Any digital marketing initiatives need to have a straight line to your brand objectives but within digital marketing there are a number of tactics that you can use but not all are going to provide a good ROI.  Here are some tactics that you should review in 2014.. Continue reading

Marketing has changed significantly but in pharma….?

screenshot_1229Adobe is out with their survey of 1000 marketers within the US and their key finding ?  The marketing profession has changed dramatically  as 76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 50.  While some pharma companies have made significant changes in their marketing the majority, in my opinion, have not.  The decision to allocate more money into digital is not the answer to outdated marketing.  The answer lies in both the ability to attract new talent and the willingness to change processes that add little value to marketing or customers. Continue reading

Too much emphasis on digital for pharma?

imagesI never thought I would say this but pharma maybe putting too much emphasis on digital.  Before you drop your coffee let me explain… The report from Compas released yesterday clearly showed the best way to reach physicians is with an integrated channel approach using digital and off-line channels.  But what about patients and consumers? My thoughts are that the same thinking is needed along with an in depth understanding of each disease state psychographics. Continue reading

Is the future of pharma marketing all online ?

digitalpharmaWe have all seen the data: physicians are spending more time online and consumers are turning to the Internet for health information in greater numbers.  At the same time sales people are spending less time with physicians, more and more magazines are going to online editions and consumers are time-shifting prime time programming to watch TV shows when THEIR schedule permits.   So then is all of pharma marketing offline marketing on life support ? Continue reading

At the heart of digital marketing is a new way to think about patients

screenshot_886You can throw a lot of money into digital marketing but unless you acknowledge that people using “can find shit out” and know as much as you about your product you’re probably throwing a lot of money away.  It starts with transparency and the belief that people want to know more about the products they put in their bodies beyond what’s on the label.  They want to know “how will it affect my quality of life” and what are others saying about living with the health condition and medications side effects. Continue reading

Digital technologies & analytics as top strategic priority in 2013 for pharma

AccenturestudyMaybe the gap between consumer packaged good marketers and pharma marketers is finally closing. According to a new Accenture Report  “the sales and marketing models of today need to be reshaped in order to be successful in today’s “new normal.  Reducing costs, mastering multichannel marketing and improving digital effectiveness are the top strategic priorities for pharmaceutical sales and marketing executives.” Continue reading