The correlation between ​Theranos and digital health

IN SUMMARY: According to the HBO documentary on Theranos “there’s a lot of lying in Silicon Valley.” The lying is still going on when it comes to digital and mhealth, and the venture capital money is again flowing. The internet has allowed the hype to take root and there aren’t enough people asking the hard questions.

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There isn’t always an app for health

KEY TAKEAWAY: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Personal anecdotes of experiences with a particular drug or other form of treatment may have little relevance to whether that treatment fits another person[/inlinetweet]. The truth is that some patients delay health care for too long, or opt out of evidence-based treatment in favor of something of dubious benefit that’s talked about in social media or other, less than credible, website.  Apps and the Internet are no substitute for a trained medical professional. Continue reading

No digital health is NOT dead

KEY TAKEAWAY:Rob Coppedge is CEO of Echo Health Ventures in Seattle and has been investing and working in health care for 20 years.  He recently said “I believe the digital health party is over and why those of us focused on long-term systemic transformation should be happy to put this hype cycle behind us”.  He is partly right. Continue reading

Why doctors should be concerned about digital health

skeptical-female-doctorKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital health is getting bigger every day, but when patients rely on digital health instead of seeing a health care professional it could lead to more serious conditions and higher health costs. Digital health should empower patients, but it isn’t a replacement for good, sound, medical consultations.  Continue reading

Physicians’ biggest digital health concerns

images-2KEY TAKEAWAY: Doctors are not convinced that digital health can deliver on all of its promises. Among the concerns are being compensated for time emailing patients as well as patients being misdiagnosed via online consultations with doctors who aren’t aware of their medical history. Continue reading